Chairman’s Message

On the Earth there is no purifier as great as knowledge. He who has attained purify of heart through prolonged practice of Karmayoga, automatically sees the light of Truth in the self in course of time.

He who has mastered his sense, is exclusively devoted to his practice and is full of faith, attains Knowledge, having that the revelation of Truth, he immediately attains supreme Peace in the form of God realization.

We have different kinds of people around. Among them some are successful and some are failures. The only difference is that the successful person performs the works in a different manner. They have some inherent special traits like a goal, determination, observation, faith, confidence, hard work and the art of utilizing opportunities with perfect timings. Unsuccessful peoples have lack a goal, determination with hard work and thus fail in their endeavours. Thus some people succeed and some donot.

It is my delightful privilege to introduce you to the inside and outside world of LPS. The mirror of our deeds and dreams. This prospectus reflects the growth statistics of our school in respect of enrolment facilities,faculties, responsibilities & achievements.

Shambhu Prasad